The ART of growing your business investing in TRUST

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The ART of growing your business investing in TRUST

Training Programs for businesses and daily life

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Training Programs for businesses and daily life

Catch the conflict before it becomes one

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Catch the conflict before it becomes one

Aikido: modern martial art based on guiding conflict to achive harmony

Aikido: modern martial art based on guiding conflict to achive harmony

Training Programs for Businesses and Personal Communication

meet you daily communication challenges with the Aikido approach

Can we apply the concept of ART to any task in our lives?
What is "art"? Can we apply the concepts of art to relationships? To every work and job?
GROW your Business
How to achieve higher results when companies and goals depend on people?
Can we grow our businesses focusing on CARE?
Can we CULTIVATE TRUST without depending on others?
Can we add HARMONY to our lives if we feel more connected?
How to build TRUST as an ART and GROW your Business in numbers?
With AIKISKILLS and 5 core techniques that help us communicate to build bridges with the ones around us and let us move together toward a goal: a sale budget, keeping satisfied clients, delivering messages, or even get help from our children to shower and go to sleep.

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We will train you to know and use the 5 basic techniques of AikiSkills, that will help you to change paradigms, overwrite cortisol peaks, build bridges with the ones around you.
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Goal Oriented Training
Once you know the basics, move in deeper knowledge on how to use AikiSkills applied to specific situations: Sales, Leadership, Customer Care, Teaching, Public Speaking, Negotiation, Team Building, for Aikidoists.
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After you already have all the knowledge: practice, guidance, and more practice will be the key to create new habits. Train to overwrite the cortisol peaks, to add a response to our flight-or-fight instinct.
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An innovative martial art approach applied to daily life and Business

What is AikiSkills


Teaching Approach

What is AIKIDO


  • The AikiSkills sessions held at our facilities were nothing short than outstanding. The delivery of the sessions were extremely engaging, all done with great care and wonderful interactions with our colleagues. The content was also very solid, bringing new perspective into the way we provide servicing to our customers and how the learning can be applied day in and day out in our operations environment, both internally and with our customers. Finally, the professionalism and attention to detail from the facilitators were also outstanding, always trying to learn every aspect of what we do, to customize the material and maximize its impact. I have nothing but words of appreciation for this training and for sure it is something we want to continue to expand in our areas as our initial results are showing significant improvement in some of our Customer Service key performance indicators. Thank you!!!

    Matias Carrio - VP - Customer Engagement Network American Express
    American Express
  • I was very much engaged during and after the training. It was an eye opener for many of us to understand that we really do need to repeat ideas and information as well as be patient with those who do the repeating... it is not in our nature in such a fast-paced environment. However, to avoid having to re-do work, it is best to ensure that we have the correct information before acting upon it. Also, something as simple as calling someone by their preferred name, actually goes along way.

    Janet Velez - NBCUniversal
  • This training opened my mind to a new way of communicating that I have never heard before. I wonder why this is not taught to everyone! However, you must practice, so you can enjoy the advantages of this different way of interacting. I highly recommend this training to everyone parents, business owners, managers. Thank you, Cristina and Patxi!

    Ramón E. Martínez - Owner

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