After you already have all the knowledge: practice, guidance, and more practice will be the key to create new habits.
Train to overwrite the cortisol peaks, to add a response to our flight-or-fight instinct.
Advanced Level Training + 2-hour 5-months coaching
Trust, connection, art, are the pillars of AikiSkills.
– 18-hour session (divided in 4 days for the Advanced Level and 2 hours monthly for 5 months)
  1. Understanding the conflict
  1. The Top 5 responses to conflict
  1. Systemic vision of Conflict
  1. The Art of Caring
  1. The practice of cultivating confidence
  1. The language of AIKI
  1. The body of Aiki
  1. Group exercises and drills in groups with analysis and feedback
Are you not a company but a person looking to improve your abilities to connect with other and influence more?
Or we can adapt the training to your specific needs (in duration, number of participants, or work with you in a personalized offer and budget)

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