Everything communicates. What you say and what you DON’T say. Colors, cloth, body language, frequency of a message, the message, even saying nothing says something!

We TRANSMIT information in multiple ways and when you have a business, you want that communication to be absolutely COHERENT with your goal.

MUSUBI Communications is a Business Consulting Agency focused in creating great messages, that connect with your audience/target, solve a problem, sell benefits, and must importantly, those messages are encapsulated in Trust.

In MUSUBI Communications we have developed the art of AikiSkills and we use it to reach your audience.

Written communication, branding, logo, website, blog, social media, and mailing list content and strategy, your corporate internal messages and policy, employee training, and customer service. EVERYTHING should be coherent. It is the most efficient way to reach your goals and financial grow.

We can help you sell ideas to your employees, products to your clients, improve your customer service, work better as a team, move an audience during public speaking or deliver your message through a media press conference.

All these goals have one thing in common: in all of them you are generating emotions in your target. As the idea is to INFLUENCE POSITIVELY, we need to build trust first, so our audience WANT to listen to us.

“Language” could be a tricky tool and that is why AikiSkills is so powerful.

Services we offer to help you build a coherent and powerful business:

AikiSkills Training
Train your team to influence more, to de-escalate effectively, to lower stress and gain harmony and empowerment, using AIKISKILLS.
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Start-Up Marketing
Everything communicates. Let's make it coherent. Contact us to work together to help you build a brand and business that will connect to your audience and make you feel proud: website, logo, social media set up, Google Business set up, and more.
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Marketing Strategy
Develop your brand and then be prepared to reach your clients through different channels, with a coherent message and building trust. We can help you with Social Media, Google Search, Mailing List, and content.
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