The art of building Trust, influence more,

and catch the conflict before it becomes one.

How to connect and anticipate

Conflict: disagreement, controversy, incompatibility, interference; a situation with a difficult resolution.

Aikido: “ai” harmony, “ki” energy, “do” way or method. Aikido is a Japanese martial art based on handling the energy of the attacker with the intention of achieving harmony.  Aikido is fundamentally based on the principle that no one has the right to hurt, therefore to respond with violence would only create more violence (read more).

How do we “defend” incessant daily “attacks” that we are exposed to? These are not attacks in a physical form, but the body feels negative effects just the same, and sometimes worse that if the “attack” were a physical punch. How do we handle these disagreements and differences without feeling hurt, disrespected or stressed?

Interpersonal relationships are full of disagreements – it’s a natural consequence of interaction with others. On an average day, we face a “conflict” every 33 minutes. Some conflicts may occur due to unexpected events, or events with unexpected outcomes that did not align with our expectations, while other conflicts may be directly between ourselves and the people around us.

More than half of our happiness and welfare of our lives depends on how we manage these disagreements and unmet needs.

In the case of personal relationships, especially at work where we spend more than 70% of our active day, HOW WE COMMUNICATE makes the difference between success or failure.  This success or failure of communication is not only related to our personal inner peace, but is also related to the success and failure of the company for which we work, a complex machine that engages many different people, each with their own unique personalities, jobs and objectives.

To be able to listen clearly, to fully understand the needs and goals of others, to explain yourself effectively, and to stay calm while doing all of the above is something that can be achieved and improved with the right information and practice.

Let us train you in AikiSkills!

The unique communication techniques and tools provided have been developed and honed over 30 years of daily training in an art, a martial art, where any “attack” is above all an opportunity to connect with and guide the attacker, safely redirecting the negative energy, all while maintaining one’s own physical and emotional center.

Can we train ourselves to respond differently? Can we train ourselves to “receive” attacks differently? Yes! The body and mind when properly trained and exercised, can be profoundly changed.

Aikiskills has been used and proved for over 25 years, training companies such as CocaCola, Cemex, Femsa, Procter & Gamble, Diageo, Ambev, mainly in Latin America.

Our training is ideal for working on negotiation skills, sales departments, customer service and team building. Everything depends on the same principle: listen, keep centered and know how to deliver the message. A philosophy and technique based on managing the message, the emotions that it entails, and balancing its ability to achieve a larger goal or purpose.

We leverage fun, physical interactions (based on the non-confrontation and fluidity principles of Aikido) in order to clearly demonstrate difference between what we would normally do, how we normally communicate and respond to conflict, and what we are capable of when we are given practical and easy solutions to implement.

We all know that violence is not only physical, and the feeling of being “attacked” has many forms. Why not try Aikido in everyday life, and see how you can achieve balance and harmony in both your work and personal life? Let us train you: Choose your training program or contact us!

Trainers: Francisco Andrés / Cristina Costanzo

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We will train you to know and use the 5 basic techniques of AikiSkills, that will help you to change paradigms, overwrite cortisol peaks, build bridges with the ones around you.
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Goal Oriented Training
Once you know the basics, move in deeper knowledge on how to use AikiSkills applied to specific situations: Sales, Leadership, Customer Care, Teaching, Public Speaking, Negotiation, Team Building, for Aikidokas.
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After you already have all the knowledge: practice, guidance, and more practice will be the key to create new habits. Train to overwrite the cortisol peaks, to add a response to our flight-or-fight instinct.
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