4 Benefits of doing Aikido with conflicts and artistically cultivate trust!

We all try to avoid conflicts, but avoiding them is not the solution!

The leader’s need is to develop the skills to manage conflict artistically and start transforming them into advantages:

  1. Gain time

Teachers, parents, and leaders use more than 50% of their active time facing conflict situations. In our session you will learn to identify early warning signs, and learn to build a culture of trust where solutions are found faster and conflict situations are fewer, smaller, and easier to solve.

  1. Reduce organizational costs of conflict

Studies say that we face a conflict every 33 minutes. In the classroom this comes to a conflict every 3 minutes. The cost of the low productivity caused by the non-managed conflict could be one of the greatest ways to cut costs in modern organizations and probably very little recognized. In our program we will invite you to practice the skills to increase productivity in all your environments, and to keep your people happy.

  1. Increase harmony in the spaces where you live, work, and learn

When you minimize the conflict and cultivate harmony and trust, develop spaces where emotional intelligence flourish - yours and the people around you - achieving more determined situations under the “win-win” formula. In our session, there are exercises that when you practice them on a regular basis, as an artist or an athlete, you will achieve a master's degree in conflict management that promotes harmony and happiness in your environments.

  1. Improve all aspects of your personal life

Instead of letting your emotions keep you "out of balance", you will learn the practices of the art of harmonizing with the different situations in your life.

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Training Programs for Businesses and Personal Communication

We will train you to know and use the 5 basic techniques of AikiSkills, that will help you to change paradigms, overwrite cortisol peaks, build bridges with the ones around you.
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Goal Oriented Training
Once you know the basics, move in deeper knowledge on how to use AikiSkills applied to specific situations: Sales, Leadership, Customer Care, Teaching, Public Speaking, Negotiation, Team Building, for Aikidokas.
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After you already have all the knowledge: practice, guidance, and more practice will be the key to create new habits. Train to overwrite the cortisol peaks, to add a response to our flight-or-fight instinct.
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