Once you know the basics, choose a goal and move in deeper knowledge on how to use AikiSkills applied to specific situations: Sales, Leadership, Customer Care, Parenting-Teaching, Public Speaking, Negotiation, Team Building, AikiSkills for Aikidokas.
We can help you make a difference between:
  • a sales person and a Solution coach
  • a Speaker and an Influencer
  • a Business Partner and a Motivator
  • a company with results and a company where people wants to work in (and no doubt: higher results)
  • a Negotiation and a good deal
  • a parent and a Guide
  • a Call Center with good service and memorable calls
  • a boss and a Leader
  • Customer Service and Customer CARE, that leads to loyalty
  • a restaurant with good food and a warm place customers want to go back.
Trust, connection, art, are the pillars of AikiSkills and the essence of these differences.
– 8-hour session (could be divided in 2 or 4 days)
– max. 20 participants
  1. Understanding the conflict
  1. The Top 5 responses to conflict
  1. Systemic vision of Conflict
  1. The Art of Caring
  1. The practice of cultivating confidence
  1. The language of AIKI
  1. The body of Aiki
  1. Group exercises and drills in groups with analysis and feedback

Choose your Goal

Parenting -Teaching
Parenting -Teaching
or the art of empathy
Team Building
Team Building
or the art of connecting
AikiSkills for Aikidokas
AikiSkills for Aikidokas
Aikido in everyday life
Are you not a company but a person looking to improve your abilities to connect with other and influence more?
Or we can adapt the training to your specific needs (in duration, number of participants, or work with you in a personalized offer and budget)

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