Know the basic techniques before you can move to the advanced class. In Aikido, Shodan is the first degree black belt, which means “you are ready to absorb further training”.
We will train you to know and use the 5 basic techniques of AikiSkills.
Trust, connection, art, are the pillars of AikiSkills.
– 4-hour session (ideal divided in 2 days)
– max. 20 participants
  1. Understanding the conflict
  1. The Top 5 responses to conflict
  1. Systemic vision of Conflict
  1. The Art of Caring
  1. The practice of cultivating confidence
  1. The language of AIKI
  1. The body of Aiki
  1. Group exercises and drills in groups with analysis and feedback
Are you not a company but a person looking to improve your abilities to connect with other and influence more?
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