The potential for organizational change depends on how leadership, creativity, and strategic vision translate into concrete and daily caring actions.

Meanwhile, the internal “sale” of ideas requires the proper use of communication to manage the perception and opinion of people.

With this in mind, we implement teaching methodologies, that acting in combination, benefit the learning processes and personal growth.

The format of our training aims to stimulate the creative reflection, individual and collective, based on the Socratic thought, aimed to the understanding of “the why", which privilege the specific experience of each participant.

The structure of the proposed sessions are a sequence of counseling and training tailored to the specific conditions and the reality of human talent of the group.

With our contents, we seek to influence gradually into the most important social paradigms about professional excellence as an individual decision, and the "artistic caring" of the customers, externals and internals.

We are taking into account the complexity of the learning process within companies, according to establish an appropriate pace to legitimize the program among employees. That is, our effort is focused on earning a willingness to learn from the participants.

In this sense, we combine fundamental concepts in the process of assuming improvements and behavioral changes: personal responsibility, customer service as a matter of life, the strategic vision of personal communication, and enjoyment and teamwork.

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Training Programs for Businesses and Personal Communication

We will train you to know and use the 5 basic techniques of AikiSkills, that will help you to change paradigms, overwrite cortisol peaks, build bridges with the ones around you.
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Goal Oriented Training
Once you know the basics, move in deeper knowledge on how to use AikiSkills applied to specific situations: Sales, Leadership, Customer Care, Teaching, Public Speaking, Negotiation, Team Building, for Aikidokas.
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After you already have all the knowledge: practice, guidance, and more practice will be the key to create new habits. Train to overwrite the cortisol peaks, to add a response to our flight-or-fight instinct.
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