Entrepreneur, mother, passionate about communication, Cristina studied Marketing given that it is one of the most challenging departments of any company – where one is in charge of understanding and transmitting ideas and messages clearly and effectively. She believes that EVERYTHING communicates, as the transmission of information to others, but understanding each other is something else and it is still a difficult task. Cristina has worked in the marketing departments of large corporations, such as Pepsi and 3M. She has also opened 5 companies in 16 years, and has trained in Aikido for 20. Soon after she began practicing Aikido, she realized the power of this martial art principles when applied to interpersonal relationships; since that realization in 1998, she has continued to apply the principles of “aikido in everyday life” in fascinating ways. Has 3 kids (including twins, which is a special experience), and without a doubt being a Mom is the best “work” she has ever done. Is a wonderful, constant challenge, one that tests her own center, theories, peace, conflict management, and inner connection. She was born in Venezuela, has lived in Spain for 10 years, and now lives “where she used to go on vacation”, in Miami, which is a luxury in and of itself. She now challenges herself by meaningfully connecting ideas, people, feelings, and products, all while keeping her 3 kids very happy and helping them grow both physically and emotionally.

Contact her: cristina.costanzo@aikiskills.com