Businessman, educator, and consultant on issues related to statistics, systems, learning, education, and communications. His professional experience began in 1976. Earned a degree in Biology and Education at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). He has been a cofounder partner and director of several companies in the training area. Invited professor at IESA and Venezuelan universities like Universidad Central de Venezuela and Universidad Metropolitana, in subjects related to Spokesperson, Oral Presentation, Persuasion, Systemic Thinking. He, as an specialized consultant in strategic communications, has worked as personal coaching of spokespersons and effective communications with more than 100 presidents and vice presidents of global class companies in various countries in Latin America, as well as, in a large number of political campaigns of various state offices. He has provided advice and training on spokesperson, effective presentations and strategic management of crises to thousands of people, from all management levels and in different types of organizations in almost every country in Latin America. He designs and conducts special counseling and training programs for companies seeking to improve their competitiveness and increase their differentiation through strategic communications processes. Francisco practices Aikido since 1986, and has had the opportunity to attend seminars and classes with Shihans in many parts of the world.

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