Leadership with AikiSkills

or The Art of Inspiring

$ 44

Motivate, inspire, connect, influence, lead.
If you are in a lead position but you feel you have to put “too much energy” to make things happen, let’s change the game: connect first, build trust with your people, then it would be amazingly easy to move together toward a goal. We can train you to influence instead for just expecting.
Once you know the basics, choose a goal and move in deeper knowledge on how to use AikiSkills applied to specific situations.
We can help you make a difference between:
  • a sales person and a Solution coach
  • a Speaker and an Influencer
  • a Business Partner and a Motivator
  • a company with results and a company where people wants to work in (and no doubt: higher results)
  • a Negotiation and a good deal
  • a parent and a Guide
  • a Call Center with good service and memorable calls
  • a boss and a Leader
  • Customer Service and Customer CARE, that leads to loyalty
  • a restaurant with good food and a warm place customers want to go back.
Trust, connection, art, are the pillars of AikiSkills and the essence of these differences.

PLEASE NOTICE THAT THIS IS AN ADD-ON TO The Core PART I & II or Habits Changing Program. You need to have done at least The Core PART I & II (Live or Online).



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