Habits Changing ONLINE Program + One-on-One Coaching

Add one private session per month with one of our trainers to to the Habits Changing ONLINE Program, and solve doubts, ask more, practice how to center, and connect.

Train with us during 7 months. Become a black belt in AikiSkills.

The program includes:
– 1 monthly video with new approaches
– Practical exercises and weekly goals
– Direct contact with one trainer, to solve questions
– 1 monthly online session

What you will learn each month:

  • The Core PART I

  • The Core PART II

  • Listening or The art of connecting

  • The Art of showing Appreciation or the Power of the Positive Brain

  • Communication or the Art of Caring

  • The art of Humble Asking

  • Explaining or the Art of selling benefits

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE The Core PART I & II, you can register for the next 5 modules.


$180 / month



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