Sales with AikiSkills

or The Art of Seduction

$ 44

We sell all the time: products, abilities, rules, benefits, goals.
With AikiSkills you will learn to question to validate and not to guess, investigate the “hidden” benefits the customers seek, what will allow you to connect better with them, cultivate trust and get better results.
Once you know the basics, choose a goal and move in deeper knowledge on how to use AikiSkills applied to specific situations.
We can help you make a difference between:
  • a sales person and a Solution coach
  • a Speaker and an Influencer
  • a Business Partner and a Motivator
  • a company with results and a company where people wants to work in (and no doubt: higher results)
  • a Negotiation and a good deal
  • a parent and a Guide
  • a Call Center with good service and memorable calls
  • a boss and a Leader
  • Customer Service and Customer CARE, that leads to loyalty
  • a restaurant with good food and a warm place customers want to go back.
Trust, connection, art, are the pillars of AikiSkills and the essence of these differences.

PLEASE NOTICE THAT THIS IS AN ADD-ON TO The Core PART I & II or Habits Changing Program. You need to have done at least The Core PART I & II (Live or Online).



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